Bishop Mtumbuka Join Forces With PAC On Their Underground Movement To Oust President Mutharika

The once powerful religious body, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has successfully convinced Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese of the Catholic Church to join the underground movement that has been plotting to unseat Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Malawi Independent  has established Bishop Mtumbuka has since accepted and is now very much involved in the plot to have President Mutharika forcefully removed from office before the next general elections slated for 2019.

News about plans to overthrow President Mutharika started emerging in January this year with strong links to the American government through its Malawian envoy Virginia Palmer. Then, the US government dismissed the reports as mere rhetoric.

However, these allegations were confirmed during an all-inclusive PAC Conference in Blantyre where some religious leaders, PAC leaders and the opposition demanded the ouster of President Mutharika. But following pressure from the Mutharika administration, this demand was later withdrawn.

In the latest spate of underground meetings to remove President Mutharika from office, Bishop Mtumbuka was one of the people that attended a secret meeting to remove the Malawian leader.

Held in the northern region city of Mzuzu on 1st June, 2016, the PAC’s Northern Region Chapter led by Reverend Father Mtekateka of Karonga Anglican Church convened a meeting whose main agenda was to deliberate the shortfalls of the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its leader, President Mutharika.

Information from the Mzuzu meeting which was chaired by PAC Executive Director Robert Phiri agreed to the aspirations of the PAC National Committee to establish a powerful force for Regime Change in Malawi.

It is revealed that the meeting targeted all influential people in the Northern region.

Apart from Bishop Mtumbuka, Fr Mtekateka and Phiri, also involved in the Mzuzu secret talks were; Monsignor Chitete, Wavisanga Silungwe the Chairman of the Karonga Business Community, Cossam Munthali of FOCUS NGO and Deputy Chairperson of CONGOMA and Moses Mkandawire of the Church and Society of the Livingstonia Synod.

The Mzuzu meeting agreed that in case they fail to remove President Mutharika from office, then they should all rally their support towards Lazarous Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party during the 2019 general elections and that his running mate should be identified from the DPP elite as the party remains the most popular in the country.

During the meeting, Monsignor Chitete assured the gathering of the legality of the Regime Change saying there would be no problems as all was thought through. This was after some members in the meeting expressing some reservations that they could be arrested if the overthrow failed.

The Public Affairs Committee was established in the early 1990’s at the dawn of multiparty democracy to help the country in its transition from single party rule to multiparty democracy.

Despite the organization accomplishing its main established mandate, PAC never disbanded but remained in existence where politicians have used the body to advance their own personal agenda.

Some PAC officials have also used the organization as a money spinner from desperate politicians and the international donor community.

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