President Mutharika Clocks 7 Months Without A Foreign Travel, Arrived From Last Visit On December 4,15

Information gathered has shown that Malawi President Mutharika  has today  clocked 7 months without travelling aboard.

According to our investigation, the last flight Mutharika board was on 22 November, 2015 when he left Malawi to attend Commonwealth Heads of State and Government Meeting in Malta. From Malta, Mutharika proceeded to London, United Kingdom where he attended a trade summit, and finally travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa where he attended the China Africa Summit.
Department of civil aviation has further furnished our publication with information indicating that Mutharika arrived in Malawi from his last official trip outside Malawi on December 4,2015 and since then, Mutharika has been in the country without a foreign travel.
An expert from University of Malawi, Bornface Dulani has said that Mutharika’s cancellation of several international trips this year (2016) is a clear sign that he is a leader who put his country first than his personal gains.
It is reported that Malawi has saved a lot of money in billions for costs that could be incurred to purchase air tickets, allowances and accommodation for his entourage if he had to attend some of the international meetings which  he was invited to attend.
Locally, President Mutharika has also been avoiding travelling by air in long distances as his predecessors used to. Mutharika has managed to travel long distances by road to do some official engagement while in the past, we used to see former Presidents travelling by Presidential chopper even in short distances than what Peter Mutharika has covered.


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