Celebrated Living Acoustic Legend Giddes Chalamanda Safely Landed In America

Malawi’s celebrated guitarist and acoustic singer, the living legend himself, Gidess “Agide” Chalamanda has finnaly landed in the United States of America.

Gidess who left the country few days ago via South African Airlines thanked Malawians for the support he has received for his long time dream which he  had for decades to come true.

He was so excited to be in America and took time to express his joy via his facebook account.

“Airport ndikuona kuno ngati Sanjika palace abale”,posted jokingly on his facebook account Chalamanda.

The legend Chalamanda also took time to appreciate the fast internet services he is enjoying in America and promised Malawians more pictures of his tour as the internet in America is so fast.

While in America, chalamanda is supposed to hold several shows and Malawians living in America are set to treat the old man to a life time party.

During the hay days of his music career, Gidess Chalamanda sang in one of his songs “Buffalo Soldier” that if he had got got enough money, he would love to go and sing in America.

Years down the line, Gidess Chalamanda dream has come true. Thanks to Edgar and Davis, Patience Namadingo, several business captains and Malawians in general for honoring Gidess and making his dream come true and showing that you care for him while he is alive.

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