Media Misquoted Mutharika: He Talked of ‘Zitcheche’ A Lomwe Word For Yams Not ‘Zitete’

Recordings of President Mutharika political rally at Limbuli has shown that Media coverage stating that Mutharika had said Malawians should eat Zitete as a way of coping with hunger was a misrepresentation of facts and not true.
According to a televised speech which we have watched from one of the local TV stations, Mutharika shared his own experience during his youthful days,when he said , they used to eat what is known as “Zitcheche” in Lomwe belt in the past.
Zitcheche is what is commonly known as Yams in English and in other districts they call it “Chilanzi”.Mutharika told the gathering in Mulanje that Zitcheche (Yams) was what they used to eat when hunger had striken their home with mice.
Most people understood the President as saying Malawians must eat Zitete missing the actual word Zitcheche which he talked about.
It is therefore a great lie to say that Mutharika told Malawians to depend on Zitete as he never mentioned of it on the list of foods he mentioned at the recent political rally.
Some opposition politicians tried to fault Mutharika on Zitete as altenative food for Malawians but their PR stunt has failed since Mutharika never told Malawians to eat Zitete as such, this is a clear sign that some media houses and journalists are misguided.
However, it is a common fact that Malawians enjoy eating Mice (Mbewa) and locust (Ziwala) with their staple food Nsima.

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