MCP, PP Financing UNIMA Demonstrations Against Fees Hike; UNIMA Council, MoE Blamed

Students from all University of Malawi Colleges have planned to stage massive demonstration across the country  against University of Malawi Council decision to hike their  fees.

According to our sources, the  University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) has reached an advanced stage in planning for the demonstration after all the efforts to have dialogue with UNIMA council and Ministry of Education have failed.

“We have tried our best to reason with officials from the University council and Ministry of Education on the issue of fees hike but we have yielded nothing.Both offices have turned down our request and we have no other way but  go for demonstrations,”said one of the concerned UMSU representative  to our reporter.

The source further reported that, all they needed was their voice to be heard and since some people have decided to close their ears, they did not have an option, a development which forced them to seek the service of some opposition members of parliament mainly from Malawi Congress Party and Peoples Party who have promised them financial and material support for their demonstration.

“We approached Jessie Kabwira of MCP and Roy Kachale of Peoples Party to help us raise money for our demonstration. They promised us that they would do whatever it takes to see these demos taking place because they are not happy with what government is doing and all they wanted was an opportunity like this to coordinate chaos in all UNIMA colleges,”Said one Student who identified himself as Adigo.

It is reported that the students needed about 5,000 T-shirts for the demonstration from which MCP through Jessie Kabwira and Chakwantha aided by Joseph Chikwemba and Roy Kachale have provided them  with along with other demonstration materials which have already been screen printed.

There is tension now in all UNIMA colleges with the hiking of fees .The students are wondering why the council has decided to raise their fees like that when most students are already finding it hard to pay their fees.

It is on record that government will be blamed even for the decisions which were made are were supposed to be resolved by the Unima Council along with the ministry.

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