Giddes Chalamanda Goes To America:His Long Time Dream Comes True

It all started as a dream for Malawi’s legendary acoustic musician Giddes Chalamanda close to four decades ago that one day he visits the United States of America but now, the dream has turned into reality.

Chalamanda now aged 86 left the country on Wednesday 29th June 2016 on his historical trip to America where he is expected to hold live music performances.

Sporting a new and fitted modern black suit, Giddes  smiled teeth-out Wednesday when he left via Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) to the United States – a destination which has been childhood dream.

He sang opera, Che Merika, to journalists who interviewed him, expressing his profound happiness.

The singer  had just two words to all those who contributed to making his dream come, “thank you.”

According to Emmanuel Maliro, one of those that steered ‘Chalamanda Coming to America’ initiative, they were also “thankful.”

He said, among others, the octogenarian will visit fans, and Malawians living there. The Michigan State University will host him for a show in his honour.

The  first show will be on 6th July, 2016 in Washington where he will perform alongside his Managers Edgar Kachere and Davis Njobvu of the Edgar & Davis Band plus Patience Namadingo of the ‘Msati Mseke’ fame.

His next perfomarce will be in Indiana.

While in America, apart from singing, Chalamanda will also sell Malawian culture through different activities including lecturers.

In his song Buffalo Soldiers song produced decades ago, Chalamanda sung “if I had enough money, I would go to America”.

This prompted Edgar and Davis alongside other innovative young men to come up with innitiatives and arrangements that can help to raise enough money for Chalamanda to accomplish his life time dream.

The crew also included Media Consultant Macdonald Chapalapata, Emmanuel Maliro, Felix Njawala and lawyer John Gift Mwakhwawa among others.

The grouping has been holding fundraising music shows as well as directly approaching well wishers and business magnets to assist Chalamanda.

The last fundraising show was held last week at the Robins Park in Blantyer where Giddes thanked all people who supported this historica trip.

“This is a historic trip so we had to hold farewell shows. We are thankful to people for patronizing all our previous fundraising shows” said Chalamanda.

Chalamanda was born and grew up in his home district, Chiradzulu located in the Southern Region District of Malawi.

During his music journey, the old man with amazing guitar playing skills did a number of popular hits like Bufallo Soldier, Ameli, Linny and Napolo.

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