Kaliati Should Stop Embarrassing Herself, Government With Some Useless Press Statements

It is high time that Malawi comes up with job descriptions if it does not have to guide our shameless cabinet ministers of what they are supposed to do once appointed into their respective offices.

Some of these ministers seem to have nothing to do in their offices and the best they can do is spend most of their time on social media and other secret watsapp groups sharing pornography.

Our ministers seem to be ignorant on what they are supposed to do.Their offices seem to have nothing serious for the betterment of this nation and as such, they start creating  work for themselves to be seen as performing but what comes out from their offices sometimes is a total embarrassment.

As honourable as they are, cabinets ministers must know that Malawians look up to them and we expect them to deliver according to our will because we pay them from our pockets.

It pains to see our ministers abandoning their core duty and concentrating on petty issues like responding to what is making news on social media. The recent press statement from Ministry of Information is a clear sign that these Ministers have nothing serious in their offices.

Are we serious the whole Ministry should be there to respond to everything that Malawians talk on social media? If all what comes out from the social media is to be responded to, then our Minister of information has tough time ahead for Malawians will not stop articulating issues on social media whether in favour or not in favour of the government.

There is no way the whole  government system should bee down to its knees responding to peoples facebook posts through press statement because that is something they can not manage control all emerge victorious.

Are we serious that the best the Ministry of information can do to our nation  is being on facebook seeing what Malawians are posting there and from their deliberations come up with press statements trying to justify this and that?

This is total embarrassment and a disgrace to the entire ministry of information which are are told is the government’s mouth piece.

Poor responses lacking facts do only only expose the kind of mediocrity and incompetence in our ministries but also put our government to shame.

Kaliati can do better than this. If she has no work to do in her office, the best is to keep her mouth shut than insult our integrity with her useless Press Releases.

We have serious issues as a nation to look into in order to prosper than this nonsense.


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