Malawi President Mutharika Takes Blantyre City By Storm, Inspects New Road Projects

President Arthur Peter Mutharika on Monday took a good five hours to see for himself how road projects within are progressing. He was accompanied by First Lady Gertrude Mutharika.

The inspection exercise took President Mutharika to Limbe, Bangwe, Manja, and Chilomoni townships.

However,  the journey commenced from Blantyre City Council offices where the State President was briefed on the projects by the City fathers and technocrats.

At all stopovers President Mutharika emphasized that good-condition roads are an essential facet for every metropolis livelihood.

“We will work on all roads leading to the townships. Malawi needs good road infrastructure to ease access to public services such as hospitals, schools and markets among others. That is why my Government put road infrastructure as one of its priorities,” he said.

He added that Malawi needs a good road infrastructure to spur economic growth.

“We want to make life comfortable. We want to make driving and travelling more comfortable. We are upgrading these roads to reduce congestion and ease smooth flow of traffic. Besides, good roads reduce vehicle maintenance costs. This is good news to minibus operators too.

Once all roads are done, Blantyre will be a new city.”

He disclosed that his government plans to upgrade more roads within and on city boundaries to facilitate social and economic activities.

Other roads either under construction or those to commence soon include township roads of Angelo Goveya, Manje, Mongwe, Chilomoni, Chinseu, Chimwankhunda, Ma Land Rover Chilimba, Railways.

There will also be bypasses from Chigumula Trading Centre to Mapanga, via Bangwe and Mzedi, from Chigumula to Mpemba Trading Centre via Soche Quarry, from Mpemba to Chilomoni via Pensulo and Chigwaja Townships and another bypass  from Chileka Airport to Ngumbe via Army Secondary School to M1 Road.

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