Disgruntled DPP Officials, MCP Register New Political Party To Split Vote In The South:Financed By JB

Malawi top opposition party Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and some ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials have jointly  launched a new political party which is being headed by another MCP diehard  and former Malawi Chambers boss, Newton Kambala.

Kambala whose contract has just ended recently has come out of the cocoon expressing his interest in active politics but information we have gathered indicates that, Kambala is only being used while the main owners of the party are some senior Democratic Progressive Party officials and Malawi Congress Party.

According to their plan, MCP feels that the only way to win the 2019 elections is to maintain their votes in the central region while they work to weaken the Southern Region which has always determined the outcomes of the elections and now under the control of the ruling DPP.

How they are going to achieve that, MCP has learnt that the best way to go is to start a new political party in the Southern region which should have a large following by making sure that it gets away with some structures which belong to the DPP and have a split vote fro DPP, PP,UTP and UDF which all comes from the southern region.

As we write, MCP has been approaching some disgruntled DPP officials to join them and we understand that some of them have accepted their offer.

These DPP officials have put in place measures to make sure that all aspirants who lost in DPP primaries for parliamentary and local government elections are taken on board to join the new United Transformation Party (UTP) thereby weakening the political muscle which DPP enjoys in the Southern region.

Since Malawi Congress Party and their allies do not have enough financial resources to run this new party, they opted to sell the idea to former President Joyce Banda who has agreed to be financing them.

MCP, Peoples Party, UTP and some DPP officials who are working  behind the scenes have agreed that when election time approaches, they will form a coalition which shall see MCP fronting the President while the Peoples Party and UTP will front the running mate for them to have the split vote for DPP hoping they will emerge victorious in the 2019 elections.

So far, the PP,Aford and MCP are already in a working political alliance.

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