DPP Govt Fulfilling Campaign Manifesto ; Ten Major Road Projects In Progress Country Wide

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) continues to live by its promises it made in the run to 2014 election.

During the campaign, Mutharika made commitments that his DPP led government would ensure that Malawi has good road networks which are essential for economic development

It is from this background that the Roads Authority wishes to update the general public on major road projects which are taking place throughout the country  under the leadership Of President Peter Mutharika as follows:

1. Thyolo – Makwasa – Thekerani – Makhanga Road

The project is for upgrading of the 92 kilometres of earth road to bitumen standard from Number One Trading Centre in Thyolo through the beautiful Tea Plantations of Thyolo up to Bangula, one of the country’s rich agricultural areas in Nsanje. The road works are being co-financed by Kuwait Fund, BADEA, Saudi Fund, OPEC Fund for Development and the Government of Malawi.

The new contractor for the project is Messrs Mota Engil and he will build the road at an estimated project cost of MK26 billion. The project site was officially handed over to the contractor about 2 weeks ago on 14th June, 2016 and the Contractor is now in the process of mobilization. All works are expected to be completed after 36 months, in 2019.

2.0 Zomba – Jali – Phalombe – Chitakale Road

This project is for upgrading of 102 Km road from earth to bitumen standard from Zomba to Phalombe through the Tea Plantations to Chitakale in the tourist district of Mulanje. The contract has been awarded to a new contractor, Messrs United Gulf Construction Company (UGCC) and Fargo Ltd who were handed over the project on 18th April, 2016.
The project will be done in 20 Months which has been split in 2 phases, the first phase will take 8 months where the contractor will complete works from Matawale up to 68Km just after Phalombe boma. The last phase will comprise all remaining works up to Chitakale and this will take 12 months.

Funding has been provided by Kuwait Fund, BADEA, OPEC Fund for Development and the Government of Malawi.

3.0 Lilongwe Old Airport – Kwanyanda – Santhe and Kwanyanda Kasiya Spur Road

The project is for upgrading of the 95 Km earth road to bitumen from M12/S117 Junction in Lilongwe City going westwards through the agricultural rich areas of Kasiya to Santhe at the junction with M18/S117. The project is fully funded by the Government of Malawi. Works for the construction of the road commenced on 12th January 2015. The contract period is four (4) years, and the project is expected to be completed on 11th January 2019.

So far, 4 Km have been completed to surfacing while 8Km – 13 Km is at different levels of sub-base and base. More importantly, the works will also include the construction of the BUA Bridge which for many years, people have been crossing using boats and canoes during rainy season. Another important feature will be the construction of an Under pass bridge at Km 23 from Lilongwe where the road crosses the Rail-line.

4.0 Rehabilitation of Mzuzu – Nkhatabay Road

This project is for rehabilitation of 45 Km of road from Katoto Filling Station in Mzuzu City up to the Nkhatabay port on Lake Malawi. The Mzuzu – Nkhatabay road is an economically important road to Malawi as it forms part of the Mtwara Road Corridor Development from the port of Mtwara on the Indian Ocean, through Mbamba Bay in Mozambique to Nkhata Bay then to Mzuzu City in Malawi. The project is being financed by the African Development Bank and the Malawi government.

The contract has been awarded to Strabag International of Germany to the tune of MK17 billion and the site was handed over to the contractor on 7th April, 2016. Works will take 18 months to complete. The works will also include re-construction of Limphasa Bridge and other associated drainage structures.

5.0 Rehabilitation of Liwonde – Mangochi Road

The project is for rehabilitation of 75 Km of road from Kamuzu Barrage in Liwonde to Bakili Muluzi Bridge at Mangochi Boma. The project is being implemented under the Nacala Road Corridor Development Phase 4 with funding from the African Development Bank and the government of Malawi.

Rehabilitation of this road will facilate international trade from the port of Nacala on the Indian Ocean in Mozambique through Chiponde Border in Machinga to Lilongwe in Malawi up to Lusaka in Zambia. The project is expected to be handed over to the Contractor, before the end of the month of July 2016 and is scheduled to take 24 Months to be completed.

6.0 Upgrading of Thabwa – Chitseko – Seveni Road

The 59Km long Thabwa – Chitseko – Seveni Road project is part of the Malawi Flood Emergency Recovery Project (MFERP) under World Bank Funding. The project is for upgrading of the earth road to bitumen standard. It starts at Thabwa along the M1 in Chikwawa and passes through the flood prone low lying areas on the foot of Thyolo escarpments up to Seven which is at Fatima in Nsanje. This project will connects into the Thyolo – Thekerani- Bangula Road project which is already underway.

Designs for the project are completed and procurement of a Civil Works Contractor is at an advanced stage with contractors already pre-qualified. The World Bank has provided US $53 Million for the works and once awarded, the works are expected to take 24 months before completion.

7.0 Blantyre – Zomba End Sections

The Blantyre – Zomba road is one of the major trunk roads in Malawi and it forms an alternative route of the north-south corridor which stretches from Songwe on the Tanzania border to Marka in Nsanje, border with Mozambique. The main Blantyre –Zomba road which is approximately 60Km has been recently re-constructed from Maselema in Blantyre to Ku Chawe- Inn Junction in Zomba.

To reduce traffic congestion on both ends of the road, Government through the Roads Authority engaged Mota Engil (Contractor) to construct a dual carriageway from Maselema Roundabout in Blantyre to Chiradzulu Turn Off and rehabilitate the section from Ku Chawe- Inn Junction in Zomba to Matawale Turn Off in Zomba.

The project road is 11 kilometres long and the Zomba side has been completed while works on the Blantyre side are underway and expected to be completed in 2017.

8.0 Chiringa – Chiradzulu Road (Milepa – Chiradzulu-PIM-Nguludi section)

The upgrading of the Milepa-Chiradzulu- Nguludi road section from earth to bitumen standard is part of the project which the Roads Authority is underking in phases from Chiringa-Migowi-Misewu Folo to Chiradzulu and the Nguludi Spur, making a total distance of 97 kilometres. The purpose of the project is to connect Malawi from Mozambique through the Muloza border. The fist phase of this project was from Chiringa – Migowi – Phalombe, a strech of 25 kilometres which was completed in 2011. The second phase was from Migowi to Milepa, a stretch of about 40 kilometres which was completed in 2014 and the last phase is the Milepa to Chiradzulu boma a stretch of 21 kilometres which is under construction to be completed in August 2016. This stretch also includes another section from Mainala -Nguludi through PIM making a total of 11 kilometres.

The project is now substantially completed from Milepa to Chiladzulu boma and the Mainala – PIM –Nguludi section. The works were being executed by Mota Engil.

9.0 Jenda – Edingeni Road

The project is for the upgrading of 53 kilometres from Jenda to Edingeni in Mzimba district from earth to bitumen standard. This road connects Malawi to Zambia border and passes through rich tobacco growing areas.

The project has been divided into two phases. Phase one starts from Jenda to Chindoka, a section of about 15 kilometres and includes the construction of a new bridge at South Rukuru. This phase has been substantially completed up to surfacing stage and it is being executed by China Railway No.05 Contractors.

The second phase starts from Chindoka to Edingeni, a distance of about 38 kilometres. This phase is expected to commence with the same Contractor in August, this year once we get clearance from the co-financiers, Abhu Dabhi fund for Development.

10.0 Njakwa – Livingstonia Road

The project is for upgrading of the 100 kilometres earth road to bitumen standard from Njakwa in Rumphi district passing through Livingstonia to Chitimba on the M01 road. The Njakwa- Livingstonia- Chitimba road is economically important as it passes through a tobacco growing area and historic mission sites of Livingstonia befores meandering down the Golodi hills and joining the M01 at Chitimba.

The project was handed over to the Contractor, on 24th May, 2016 who has already commenced earth works. The project is estimated to take about MWK 50 Billion and will take a period of 4 years to complete.

It is believed that by 2019, most of these roads will be through. Mutharika government is also constructing  roads in the major cities of Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

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