Noel Masangwi, His Errand Boy Ngalande Set To Join MCP: Promised VP Post During MCP Convention

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)Parliamentarian for Blantyre City East constituency, Hon Noel Masangwi is set to join Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Malawi Independent has learnt.

According to our sources in Malawi Congress Party, Noel Masangwi has been approached by opposition MCP to join their camp on a condition that he will be fronted as running mate for MCP in the next elections slated for 2019.

In addition, It is rumoured that Noel Masangwi will not go alone to MCP as his errand boy Richard Ngalande will go along with him.

Ngalande is reported to have called DPP officials from the Southern Region where he told them that all party materials which were being kept at his house had to be taken somewhere else and not to be kept as his house as he has nothing to do with the DPP leadership.

As that is not enough, Masangwi has touted Mulanje South parliamentarian who he helped win the 2014 parliamentary election, Bon Kalindo to support him as he is set to make his next political move.

Our informant from Malawi Congress Party has told us that Noel Masangwi is bitter with DPP leadership for failing to appoint him into Mutharika’s lean cabinet hence he want to find solace in MCP.

Media reports have indicated that Masangwi has never reported for parliament session in the 2016/2017 budget session.

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