Ben Phiri Inspires Islamic Scholars At University Ramadhan Convention; Donates K1 Million

Scores of Muslim scholars who convened in Zomba at the 3rd Ramadhan Convention for Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Alumni were critically challenged by a 45-minute thought-provoking speech by Dr Ben Phiri who spoke on a wide range of relevant societal issues affecting the country.

This year’s theme for the convention was “Transforming the Muslim Vision towards Social Economic Development”

Throughout the eloquently-delivered speech the main audience characteristics were both attentive listening and unison responses to Dr Phiri’s ‘Takbeer’ slogan that translates to ‘God is the Greastest’. The phrase is interchangeably used with ‘Allahu Akbar’ which also means ‘God is Great’

Dr Phiri’s message centred on how the scholars can transform their country by systematically applying whatever they learnt during their university time.

He emphasized that Malawians who attain college and university education should be in the forefront in effecting social changes in their respective communities if the nation is to gain from their academic endeavor.

“The world suffers from various diseases of all sorts both physical and of the mind. All these lead to social injustices thereby affecting humanity. However, even in the midst of such setbacks our academic achievements should suffice to offer lasting solutions. The world needs our energy,” he said.

Dr Phiri, an academic achiever himself with a Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership Management, likened the aforementioned energies to Prophet Muhammad himself whose impact has lived on for many generations.

“If the Prophet himself had not pushed on with his vision from the Almighty Allah, then things could have been different. Despite setbacks Prophet Muhammad knew that to achieve the vision he had to remain focused and true to his principles. The best way to honor your university accolades is by pressing on with your vision to transform society,” he said.

Dr Phiri also observed that for Malawi to develop there is need for mindset change especially on subsidies and welfare programs.

“Just because we are used to receiving subsidized services from government we have come to think that things should remain that way for generations. We cannot develop well as a nation with this tendency. For instance, it is interesting how people who can manage paying fees in millions at private hospitals become jittery when asked to pay a little something upon being referred to public hospitals by private doctors,” he noted while emphasizing that too many government subsidies will only make Malawi more poorer.

Commenting on the political landscape, Dr Phiri advised all political players to shelve unnecessary politicking and concentrate on developing the country.

As a way of boosting the activities of IUIU Alumni Dr Phiri gave the group a gift of K1 million.

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