Malawians Feel Fooled By Winiko As Mulanje South Constituents ,Elders Are Angry With Their Parliamentarian

Malawians have spoken and expressed their disappointment over Mulanje South MP Bon Kalindo for fooling them and not leaving by his promise when he failed to walk naked against killing of Albinos as he had been saying.

Kalindo, a renowned comedian popularly known as ‘Winiko’, had been telling local radios and newspapers that he would match naked on Thursday in protest against the increased abductions and killings of people with albinism in the country.

Many Malawians were disappointed upon learning that Kalindo had dressed.It has been established that some people were paid and were dressed in what can be described as underwears with their private parts literally protruding out attracting cameras.

In a related development, constituents in Mulanje South Constituency have said that they are bitter with what Kalindo has done because its not he was elected for.

“This man was elected by us to represent us not the nonsense he has been doing since elected, we are angry with him and we will deal with him accordingly,”Said Timothy Mkanda from Mulanje.

It is reported that the elders from Kalindos constituency are set to summon the parliamentarian over his overzealous and failing to tackle real issues affecting his people in Mulanje South.

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