Kalindo Vows To Go On With ‘Naked’ Demonstrations


To go ahead with naked demos:Kalindo

On Tuesday  while at Crown Hotel in Lilongwe waiting to address journalists, Member of Parliament (MP) for Mulanje central, Boniface Kalindo had received a phone call.

After the call, Kalindo informed the members of the press that he was being informed that the grave yard of Filipo Lupanda; an albino who died last year, from Chibwana Village in Traditional Authority Mchilamwera in Thyolo has been robbed the previous night.

“The call I just received has just demonstrated that we are currently not doing enough to bring the atrocities being targeted on people with albinism to an end. Clearly the approach we have taken at the moment is not deterrent enough because if it were so then we could not continue receiving reports like these,” he said.

Kalindo said this among many other reasons has compelled him to hold the demonstrations to implore law makers in the country to push for the implementation of the death sentence on those responsible for the abductions and killings of people with albinism.

He said it makes little sense to have a law in place which is not used to serve its intended purpose and in this case to aide in bringing to a halt the human rights injustices being committed on people with albinism.

“When we talk about human rights, I believe they are supposed to apply both ways. In this instance for both the killer and the victim but it is apparent that we are respecting more the human rights of those who are killing our albino brothers and sisters, we are setting a wrong precedence for the future generations,” he said.

He said in other countries like America who regard themselves as champions of human rights they still have firing squads who administer death penalty on people deemed to have committed grave offences similar to those being done on people with albinism here.

The MP also took a swipe at people who have castigated him on his stance to hold the demonstrations saying they are selfish and out of their minds.

“This is not a political issue belonging to a single party; it is a national issue as these people are targeting anybody regardless of their party affiliations. This is our country and this our problem and we should not wait for a foreign solution to deal with it,” said Kalindo.

He said together with his colleagues Billy Mayaya and Fredrick Mkula they are ready to be arrested for a good cause for staging the demonstrations where participants willing are advised on a semi-naked dress code which will just cover their ‘arsenals’.

The demonstrations are slated for Thursday the 23rd and the marching will start from area 18 roundabout heading to City Centre roundabout from where a petition will be read and presented to parliament. Hon. Kamlepo Kalua is expected to receive the petition on behalf of parliament.

Malawi has death penalty in its laws but since the inception of the multiparty era no sitting President has ever signed for someone to be sent to the gallows.










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