Michael Usi Under Fire For Politicizing ADRA And Dragging SDA Church Into Politics

Manganya mcp

Manganya for MJ central under MCP ticket

Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) Malawi boss Michael Usi popularly known as Manganya in a TV soap Tikuferanji is under fire by the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church for leaving the core duty and aims of ADRA by politicizing its operations in order to advance his political ambitions.

Manganya who has served ADRA Malawi as country Director for so many years was over the weekend summoned by Malawi Union authority, an umbrella body which looks after all the affairs of the Seventh day institutions in Malawi where he was told to choose between active politics he is in at the expense of the church or concentrate on the core values of ADRA which are safeguarded by the ethics of the Adventist church.

It was learnt from this gathering that Michael Usi through his Tikuferanji Soap which is sponsored by ADRA Malawi off late has turned it into a political platform and abandoned its aim from which ADRA offered to be sponsoring it to make sure that it teaches people the danger of HIV/AIDS, advocating for abstinence and spreading messages of sexual reproductive health but instead, Tikuferanji has lost track with Manganya at the center of preaching hatred and making the soap too political, a development which is against the teachings of the SDA.

Mr. Usi was reminded that as ADRA Malawi which has its headquarters at the General conference of the SDA in United States of America, at country level he reports to the leadership of the SDA which is under Malawi Union and having observed what Usi is doing. They had thought it wise of summoned him to pump some sense and remind him of his limits as long as ADRA remains a sister department of the SDA.

The meeting warned Mr. Usi that though he has freedom to association, he must make sure that he watches and observes his limits to avoid embarrassing or damaging the reputation which the Seventh-Day church has.

Usi was also told that as the seventh day church, they have had a good working relationship with all the government and they will not allow him to tarnish the legacy of ADRA and SDA in Malawi for his unknown political motives.

Rumors are all over that Michael Usi is recruiting people in Mulanje central constituency in readiness of the 2019 elections when he will contest under the MCP ticket.

Usi has been told to stop using ADRA as a political tool for MCP and he has been given too options, either to continue his political career with MCP or stick to his job and abide by the rules and regulations of the Adventist church in Malawi.


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  • Goodwell Likoto

    mr utsi dziko likupwetekesani tsiyani za dziko mukakakamira mutha ndinu ndine Mlomwe mzanu komweko mj

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