Libidinous Norwegian Ambassador To Malawi Fathers A Child Out Of Wedlock With The Dfid Head



Lover birds

Information coming in has exposed a diplomatic extra-marital affair which has cost the marriage of Norwegian ambassador.

In what can be termed as first diplomatic romantic scandal ever in the history of Malawi, our sources have revealed that the Norwegian Ambassador to Malawi, HE Kikkan Haugen has broken up with his long time wife after she discovered that the ambassador was no longer able to zip his pants and instead opted to be going out with another woman, a development which the wife of the ambassador was not able to cope with.

It is now an open secret within the diplomatic circles in Malawi that the Norwegian Ambassador is in a steamy relationship with the former Head of DFID in Malawi, Ms. Jen Marshall who the ambassador impregnated and now she has a baby for him.

When the DFID learnt of what Marshall was doing with the Ambassador, she was quickly replaced been as Head of DFID with Mr. Phillip Smith. This was done to protect the image of DFID and indeed of the British Government for which DFID represents.

As we write, Marshal has moved in with the Ambassador of Norway.

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